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Phuc Thinh VN Co., Ltd is a processor, exporter supplying all kinds of frozen Pangasius (fillet, steak, whole round,... ) , sea and farmed river fish from Vietnam to various international markets.

Our factory have the standard of processing equipment and processing lines with HACCP, ISO , HALAL certifications that procedure world class quality frozen seafood. We have more than 10 years experience in frozen seafood industry.

We are delivering frozen seafood products marine fish, marine fish fillet, river fish …. We always tried our best to meet the customer’s need and committed to provide the best service to our precious customers.

We had extend our business to global market such as export the frozen seafood products to Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Middle East and so on. We provide the most freshness, finest and best quality frozen seafood to all customer.

No matter you are the new or regular customer . We are always be ready to provide you the most quality , fresh and hygiene frozen products which beyond your expectation


Our Products:

1/ Pangasius ( Panga, basa, dory, sutchi, white river cobbler, swai ):

– Fillet:

  Welltrimmed ( red meat off, belly off, fat off )

  Untrimmed   ( red meat on, belly on, fat on )

  Semi-trimmed: as customer’s specifications.

– Steak/ Slice: skin-on, bone-in, gutted, fin off

– HGT: headed, gutted, tailed (tail part off)

– WR ( whole cleaned ) – WG ( whole, gutted ) – WGG ( whole, gutted & gilled )

– Butterfly: bone-in / bone-out; head on / head off

– Others: portion cut, interleaved block, cube, roll, loin, nugget, skin & belly block,…

2/ Black & Red tilapia: Whole round cleaned, WG (whole gutted), WGS (gutted, scaled)

3/ Farmed/ River fish: Catfish, Red pomfret , Rohu, Snakehead fish, Barramundi

4/ Sea fish: Indian mackerel, Horse mackerel (Hardtail scad), Short body mackerel, Round scad, Layang scad, Yellowtail scad, Big eyes scad.


If any enquiry, please send us your order detail: size, packing, net weight, destination…, we shall arrange our best competitive quotation for our trial cooperation.

Thanks for your attention. Your prompt feedback would be warmly appreciated.